The Perfect Standstill-Shift In Perspective 3/365

EN: It lies within our competitive nature to aim at a perfectionist behavior. We also keep ourselves from pursuing dreams -because it is not the perfect moment yet- in order to avoid failure.  Yet a fail can mean something you haven’t done, not only something you’ve done and failed at.

I am not pointing at your effort and genuine interest in making thinks run smoothly and flawlessly. What made me turn against my idea of perfectionism was the revelation that I was hiding behind it. As passionate as I am about many things in life, especially my work, this notion of perfectionism slowed me down to the point where I reached a standstill: the perfect standstill.

Not doing something because you are not doing it perfectly is an absurdity often talked about. Easy as it seems in a conversational form, the willingness to fail and take responsibility is at least uncomfortable.

What is a risk in your current situation?


RO: Face parte din natura noastra competitiva sa tintim spre un comportament perfectionist. Ne abtinem din a ne urma visele – pentru ca nu e momentul perfect inca- pentru a evita esecul. Esecul, totusi, poate fi si ceva ce nu ai facut, nu doar ceva ce ai realizat si care a esuat.

Nu atrag atentia asupra efortului si interesului tau pur de a face lucrurile sa decurga lin si fara defecte. Ce m-a facut sa ma intorc impotriva ideii mele de perfectionism a fost revelatia ca ma ascundeam in spatele ei. Pe cat de pasionata sunt de multe lucruri in viata, mai ales munca, aceasta notiune de perfectionism m-a incetinit pana la stagnare: stagnarea perfecta.

Sa nu faci ceva pentru ca nu il faci perfect e o absurditate despre care se vorbeste des. Pe cat de usor pare la nivel conversational, a esua din bunavointa si a-ti asuma responsabilitatea e cel putin incomfortabil.

Ce e un risc pentru tine in situatia actuala?


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