Predicting the Present-Shift in Perspective 7/365

EN:The crystal ball is definitely not predicting my future, but it’s contributing by marking my present. By constantly bringing my awareness in the present moment I can eliminate many potential “what ifs”. Perhaps sometimes I can’t capture the part of the day I want to remember, in the photo, but I surely add my feelings inside.

My mind can easily slip away when I don’t pay attention. Actually I’m proving my last statement wrong everyday by doing this project. I can’t say it’s more likely to beat myself over everything when something as random as a crystal ball is making me happier every day.

Without imagination, the sphere is nothing but an object.




RO: Globul de cristal cu siguranta nu imi prezice viitorul, dar contribuie prin marcarea prezentului. Prin a  constientiza constant momentul prezent pot elimina multe potentiale  ” ce-ar fi daca-uri”. Probabil uneori nu pot surprinde in poza acea parte a zilei pe care vreau sa mi-o amintesc, dar cu siguranta imi adaug sentimentele.

Mintea mi-o poate lua usor la vale daca nu sunt atenta. Defapt imi demonstrez zi de zi ca afirmatia anterioara e gresita, prin acest proiect. Nu pot spune ca e mai probabil sa ma stresez pentru orice, cand ceva atat de banal, precum un glob de cristal, ma face mai fericita in fiecare zi.

Fara imaginatie , globul nu e altceva decat un obiect.



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