Becoming a nomad

Shift in Perspective - Where to next?
The first image of the series “Shift in Perspective”. This was the starting point of many adventures and commitment to travel

It takes a lot of something to draw your attention nowadays and that something ends up being energy most of the times. It takes a lot of energy to draw your attention nowadays. Among the many visual filters we have learnt to use, we have also strengthened the real filter that does not permit any nonsense to go through. I love where things are moving in our generation and it is normal for you to agree or disagree with me. If I was not clear enough, I meant I choose to love where things are moving in our generation. This statement can only come from a place of tranquility, inner-peace and awareness, places I’ve only recently began to understand.


I won’t sit down here and talk to you about how interesting my life is, because only writing the beginning of this phrase made me laugh. However, I will tell you a few things that will connect some of my steps, where photos did not say a thousand words.4172cdb3398662162910f224e9064145d944754d383e2479cbb0a7ed84a681cf

I’ve been very set, very stubborn in my own ways for a few years now. Photography was the field I wrapped myself around and I always had a clear picture of where I wanted to go with it. Although I couldn’t imagine the detailed way I was going to live the years in front of me, I remained very specific. It drained a lot of my energy to take myself through many challenges each day, to get to where I wanted to be and not be happy. It sounds like a cliché already: works a long time to get somewhere, isn’t happy. Let’s not leave outside the factor of unpredictability, the confusion and the gathering of any remaining energy to take yet another step outside of the comfort zone.add3df2ed83a72f2cc3f8d5ba1bef9b7c6fd8326c0518d9e9b8715174aa382f7



The circumstances did not get any clearer, but I chose to care less. If I was so set in my ways previously, now what I adore the most is not knowing what day of the week it is, where will I be tomorrow and what must I do.

Without trying to immerse myself in a cryptic narration, I will leave you here with the phrase I will pick things up next time.

I left Romania 5 years ago to study Fashion Photography in Cornwall, England. After 3 years of university I’ve moved to London where I’ve pursued my career in photography. It feels very incomplete to sum it up like this, but the next step was to travel the world, as a cruise ship photographer. Now, although I’ve moved my belongings back to Romania, I can’t pin where I live.  I’ve moved back to Romania, but I haven’t lived here for 5 years, all my paperwork is made for England and I work on cruise ships. Does this mean I’m turning myself into a nomad?







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