Monday Moans (3)

Monday Moans


It’s Sunday now, when I’m writing the post. Because I get involved in everything I do, and my wishful thinking hopes for at least one person to take something away from this post, I won’t publish it tonight.

It’s not the social media algorithm that stops me tonight from publishing but… the human algorithm. Let’s be honest now, the last thing you want to do on a Sunday night, is to read this post. Do you know why? I’ll be Captain Obvious and state the obvious. Sunday afternoon is a combination of laziness and denial for the week you are about to start. I am not in a position to judge because I, myself, was in this position. For me it was the result of an unsatisfying, repetitive routine.

It feels late to be productive on a Sunday afternoon. You may as well do nothing, until inevitably, time is up and Monday is here.  Then you will spend most of your Monday morning adjusting, complaining and waiting for Tuesday. The idea of Friday makes you extremely enthusiastic and you seek endless ways to prolong the weekend.

For 4 months I’ve lost track of what day it is. Some people don’t believe me when I ask what day it is, and I couldn’t love it more. In fact, that’s how I realized how badly I need a change, when I’ve assigned Friday, Sunday and Monday a substantial amount of contrasting feelings.

To keep it sweet(ish) and short(ish) I’ll introduce you to the #DaysAtTheFffice series. I was not the one to create it but I certainly adore using it. I’m lucky to have a job which takes me places every day, or others when I’m just at sea, in the middle of nowhere. The hashtags are meant to show and promote a day at the office outside the box, without complaining and without a potentially draining routine, with passion. I added the word passion in the list especially for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when only the genuine interest for what you do, could keep you working, in whatever “office” you might be.

This is certainly not coming from years of experience in a repetitive routine, but the personal denial of not falling in one. I’d like to think it would lead to new purposes in favor of the unwanted complaining habit.


Monday at the Office
Monday at The Office
Mondays at the Office
Mondays at the Office



Sundays at the Office (1)
Tuesday at The Office, Oia, Santorini
Sunrise at the Office
Sunrise at The Office, no idea where
Wednesday in the Jacuzzi
Wednesdays at The Office
Thursdays at the Office (1)
Thursdays at the Office
Tuesdays at the Office (1)
Fridays at The Office
Tuesdays at the Office
Saturdays at the office
Wednesdays at the Office
Sundays at The Office , Ibiza


LIMBA ROMANA (cel mai probabil fara diacritice, scuze)

Monday Moans (4)Monday Moans (2)

E Duminica seara acum, cand scriu acest articol. Pentru ca tind sa ma implic in orice fac si gandirea mea optimista spera ca macar o persoana sa plece cu ceva din aceasta postare, nu am sa o fac publica in seara aceasta.


Nu e algoritmul retelelor de socializare care ma opreste sa sa public in seara aceasta ci….algoritmul uman. Hai sa fim sinceri acum, ultimul lucru pe care vrei sa il faci Duminica seara, e sa citesti acest articol. Stii de ce? Am sa spun ce e evident. Duminica seara e o combinatie intre lene si negare pentru saptamana pe care urmeaza sa o incepi. Nu sunt in masura sa judec, pentru ca si eu am fost in aceasta situatie. Pentru mine a fost consecinta unei rutine repetative si nesatisfacatoare.


Parca e prea tarziu sa fii productive Duminica dupamasa. Mai bine nu faci nimic, pana cand, inevitabil, timpul s-a scurs si Luni e din nou aici. Asa am descoperit cat de tare am nevoie de o schimbare, in momentul in care am atribuit zilelor de Vineri, Duminica si Luni, sentimente substantiale si contrastante.

Ca sa (incerc) sa nu (mai) lungesc povestea, am sa va povestesc despre seria de hashtaguri #DaysAtTheOffice. [ Grozava zi sa traduc articolul, stiu, cand am elemente de pastrat in Engleza -_-‘ ]. Nu eu am creat seria dar cu siguranta ador sa o folosesc. Sunt norocoasa ca jobul ma duce in locuri noi in fiecare zi, sau uneori sunt pe mare, in mijlocul la nicaieri. Hashtagurile sunt menite sa arate sis a promoveze o zi atipica la birou, fara sa te plangi si fara potentialul unei rutine care te scurge de energie, dar cu pasiune. Am adaugat cuvantul pasiune in lista in special pentru zilele de Vineri, Sambata si Duminica, cand doar interesul real pentru ce faci, te poate gasi muncind in orice fel de “birou” ai fi.

Aceste ganduri cu siguranta nu vin dupa ani de experienta in rutina repetativa, dar din negarea de a ma afla intr-una. As vrea sa cred ca va duce la noi scopuri in favoarea obiceiului nedorit de a te plange.

[La orice nivel mi-ar fi Engleza, cu siguranta am simtit o stangacie neasteptata in a-mi exprima gandurile in Romana. Dar o fac pentru mama si mame care sigur ma inteleg]

Mondays at the Office (1)
Mondays at The Office
Waking up in Santorini
Sunrise at The Office
Fridays at the Office (1)
Tuesdays at The Office
Morning in Marseilles, France
Wednesday at The Office
Saturdays at the Office (1)
Thursdays at The Office
Sundays at the Office
Fridays at The Office
Wednesdays at the Office (1)
Saturdays at The Office
Tuesdays at the office 3
Saturdays at The Office
Thursdays at the Office
Sundays at The Office, after many many hours of work


Sunsets at the office
Sunsets at The Office


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