The Choice Of Being An Amateur

[People have more fun when they stop acting like “professional humans” ]

I’ve started Vlogging recently and it has amazed me how great it feels to be an amateur and how I still find the energy to edit footage and hit Upload. The following article will explain briefly how I made this choice.

When we tell our stories, we start by extending the period of time as much as we can, if that point we’re making hasn’t been established, you know…since birth. By implying you’ve been passionate about something for a very long time ads weight to how serious that matter is for you. Long story short, I want to talk about the start, but not for biographical reasons.

Around 2009 I started doing photoshoots with my best friend on a Nokia X2-00. She saw me suffering that I don’t have a camera and encouraged me to be creative with a phone. Funny to say that now, when most generations reach that conclusion only now. She was way ahead.

Only in 2011 I managed to buy my first camera: A Canon 450d. It served me well and I reached the conclusion that I wanted to follow the path of photography in my career. That’s probably when everything changed. Going to a very expensive university and making great financial efforts was where the pressure began.

I am very passionate about what I do and always worked a lot. But somewhere along the way, with the natural competition, then London with an insane competition, then jobs and bosses… perfection was demanded for me. I’m not trying to “enlighten” you with this article on how perfection kills creativity and humanity.

Along the lines of being demanded perfection and wanting it myself, I fell in the obsession of not having enough equipment. Photography has no limits when it comes to how much you can spend on gear, like many aspects of our consumerist lives nowadays.

I had enough of that one day and just started filming with my phone. It’s a good phone, like many these days. The only investment I’ve made since then was a DJI Osmo Mobile, because I didn’t want to give viewers headaches when watching and tripods are not my thing right now.

Although I have only 7 Vlogs uploaded just yet, it amazes me how normal and human and free I feel to be clumsy in front of the camera, although I know all the ways to make it better. It feels nice to make memories and not hold the camera in my hand just for money making purposes. It was probably harder to have myself in front of the camera all of a sudden (none of us like hearing our recorded voices-you know what I mean), than to produce amateur work. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of theory and have a decent amount of practice and ideas on how to  make it better. But I’ll take my time and enjoy these stages of growth.

I’m not done with being a photographer, or spending hours and hours in Photoshop emphasizing on details that nobody sees, but I certainly like Vlogging like an amateur. I’ll work on my stories and on my creativity and grow … organically? I’ll finish here before I start sounding like a vegetable commercial.

Here’s the Vlog that made me write this article. Enjoy!



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