Ambitions vs Reality


You know you’re bored of series when your mind starts working in the background. I took a couple of days off to freeze my thoughts and watch series shamelessly. Talking about that I miss Shameless. That’s how I’m wired, to constantly work, plan, research interesting things and be generally passionate. You wouldn’t believe that to be true because I haven’t shown much yet.

I wiped out voices and noise almost entirely. Of course that backfired to some extend. As much as I used to miss everything and everyone when I first moved to England, I’ve learnt to spend time with myself. That’s why I chose to work on a cruise ship, to go on an adventure with myself. I’m sure that relationship will improve once I pick yoga up again. There’s nothing I love more than being passionate about the future and the endless amount of possibilities. And there’s nothing like the present to teach me that.

Without sounding evasive, I’ve had a minor surgery. So minor that It feels like a result of my subconscious carving for a break. The surgery implied me staying still in bed for 5 weeks. Thankfully, the company I work for allowed this time off (much appreciated). And just like that, it feels like I returned to high school. I got to stay still and edit old photos, watch series, hear my thoughts and laugh with my mom.

Before the surgery I had a long walk and an even longer talk with a dear friend. We analysed and planned and gossiped and laughed…. We debated the future with hope and passion and emotions. And the conclusion of that conversation was us breaking down in laughter…because after I’ve been so passionate about everything discussed and ambitious about the future… I had no idea how I will pee the next day, after my surgery. Long story short. I’ve got years covered in my mind but I have no idea how I’ll pee the next day.

We lose ourselves in the ambition of reinventing ways to walk yet we trip on the rock in front of us. But as long as we manage to laugh about it in the end, we’ll be just fine!Shift_in_Perspective__Amsterdam_17022017_061_L

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