I’m a mess, but you love me

Well that’s a “first time sas”, there, in the title.

One month left until I return to “ship life” (I’ll show you the ship later, it’s suuuuuuch a beauty!). To be honest, I can’t complain. Due to a minor medical intervention, my holiday extended from one month, to three!

You’d be impressed by my transition from “most unorganized person” to “organizational freak”. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever been OCD, but I do love being in charge. The point is that when it comes to paid work, I am on point. When I manage my personal projects, the trail of inspiration, curiosity, productivity and research goes proper wild and I manage to multitask like an octopus.

Today isn’t about me being organized, but about postponing things. During this stay at home, I’ve gone through thousands of files I’ve postponed for a reason. Although wanting to complete things in a certain way isn’t always productive, rushing things isn’t fulfilling. So I left many editorials and travel photos for later, when I have time to enjoy working on them.

Basically, after visiting roughly 30 cities in 3 months, this year, before talking about those, I’m showing you photos and telling you stories from the summer of 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not apologizing for dragging you into my creative-mess situation. Life is messy and I’m exploiting an exploring its creative side. For you, that means being bombarded by visuals and stories, as they come in my mind and my soul. There is one thing I can promise and commit to, that I will only share what I’m passionate about and what I believe in, with you!

Now, enjoy these photos of the gorgeous Evelin Konyves! This is one of the last outfits from one of my favorite collections, “Valkyrie”.

It is a good example of what I look for when I take photos:

– empowering femininity

– elegance spiced up with dance whenever possible


– symmetry broken down by a defined element

– fashion

Now when all of that is mixed with coffee and a great team, it makes me even more passionate about what I do


Dancer: Andreea Evelin Konyves 
Designer: Inge Gardner
Collection: Valkyrie
Assistant: Paul Moldovan

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