Postcards from Transfagarasan


There was this vision, a few years ago, that still has a big impact on Eastern Europe. Leaving variables and politics on the side, it is instilled in a child’s mind a much better image of the West. Now, that can be just one person, a teacher let’s say. As a child you listen and start believing it, at least I did.

When I’ve been given the possibility to study in the UK, I was only 16. Because this goal would exceed my family’s resources, I had to put in a lot of work, to make sure I reach it. Having invested so much effort and time in the process, in my mind, I already started living in England. That was two years before I went there, with a one way ticked in one hand, and a heavy suitcase in the other.

Everything followed its course, school and career wise. Somewhere along the way, I realized how little I’ve seen of Romania. I missed out on so many gorgeous places. So when I planned my holiday for 2016, I was lucky to be in the same place with another person.

Paul had planned his holiday in the same time planned mine, and craved for a road trip just as much as I did. We took two dear friends with us and the rest came natural. Paul rented a car and made it very easy to for us to enjoy the trip (at least for myself, I was in the front seat…. I don’t have that privilege anymore).

I won’t take you through all the cities we’ve been through, but our destination: “The best road in the world” according to Top Gear. – see their trip there in the video at the end. None of us has been there and when Top Gear says a road in your country is the most beautiful in the world, well, you take pride in it. That was the last thing on our minds, at the time.

We rented a flat for the night. We weren’t sure how to get there but we did, very late at night. We didn’t know exactly where we were, it was dark and you could hear a river just in front of the house. I cannot describe how refreshing the air was. It was an experience on its own just to breathe.

We fell asleep like babies and woke up at the bottom of the mountains. Once our coffee level was just right, we parked the car and took the cable car to the top of the mountain. It was a foggy day but I enjoyed a bit of visual drama.

At the top of the mountain, at 2040 meters altitude is the beautiful Balea Lake. We walked around and took in the immense beauty of the place. It was the first time for me to be up on a mountain. That was not the only part of our road trip. We went to many cities, being very grateful for the air conditioning in the car, on such hot days. We laughed as loud as we could. You know, that goofy laughter you can’t control anymore. But that day in the mountain was more serious. We couldn’t be as distracted and allowed ourselves to fully immerse in the beauty around us. Well, to be honest we were a bit carsick too from all the turns and did laugh. A lot.



Transfagarasan from the cable car
Transfagarasan from the cable car
Transfagarasan from the cable car
Transfagarasan from the cable car
Transfagarasan from the cable car
Shift in Perspective ©Daniela Buda 2017
Cable car
Bird waiting for us at the top of the cable car ride
Balea Lake
Balea Lake
Shift in Perspective ©Daniela Buda 2017
Many pretty sheep


Shift in Perspective ©Daniela Buda 2017
Balea Lake
Shift in Perspective ©Daniela Buda 2017

One thought on “Postcards from Transfagarasan

  1. I know what you mean, Daniela, most people are so eager to travel, study or live in different countries and there is nothing worng with that, but it’s too bad that few Romanians know about the many beautiful places in our country. Good thing you decided to spend your holiday here!

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