The Modern Nomad

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
Barcelona, Spain

This article is a little summary of how I had to restructure my work-life balance, given the time I spend travelling.

There are almost 2 years since I started working on cruise ships, and 6 years and a half since I moved from Romania to the UK.The move to UK had a formative goal: finish university and make something of myself (still figuring that one out). The biggest change at the time was to move from Falmouth to London.

This being said, the change from London to cruise ships was a much trickier one. Not only I moved physically, I entered a completely different work-life balance rhythm, where the time and pace are unlike the ones on land.

Leaving on the side the fact that cruise ships are a universe of their own (will tell you about it in another article), the notion of home for me has changed completely. Whilst I was on leave in the UK, I would come see my family in Romania. Whilst I am on leave from ships, I come to see my family in Romania, but also need to check in on the UK one, as well as friends, which are split all over the globe. Also, there’s never a certainty to what ship I will be on next. This sums up the time and place aspect.

The most difficult aspect for me to comprehend, was that I’m not on a permanent holiday (not that it felt like it), but more constant in a having fast changing lifestyle than a static one. This impacted my already weak discipline the most: going from a wannabe discipline, to a military-like work environment, to no discipline on leave. I have so much respect for those who are either highly disciplined, or the ones who had unfortunate events in their lives, yet managed to turn them around with discipline.

For those who are wired to always work towards their dreams, building something in changing environments encounters new challenges.

Per say, when I come to Romania and projects start rolling, I need to leave for an undetermined period of time. However, I am rested, have reliable resources and fast internet. The same with London, plenty of productive opportunities, reliable resources, rest and internet and then I leave again. Working on ships leaves me little to no time to work on my ideas, exhaustion, irrelevant internet, but a whole world of productive and inspiring circumstances in a determined time frame and the fastest changing environment.

Summary: I’m registered in the UK, have my belongings in Romania and live on a ship.

So how do you create a “consistent consistency”, to last when everything around you changes?

I personally have no answer to this and I am a complete work in progress. However I’m somewhere close to figuring some steps out, and will update you on the result. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my suitcases packed and enjoy my life like a coffee: to go!

How does your job impact your work life balance and what is your target for the work-life balance ? Let me know!

Until next time,




Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
St Lucia, Caribbean
St Lucia, Caribbean
St Lucia, Caribbean
Barbados, Craibbean
Barbados, Caribbean
Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa
Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia


New Zealand Fjords
London, UK


Barcelona, Spain
Sorrento, Italy



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