The World in my Nikes

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I am a very simple person, both from a character point of view as well as personal style. As much as I adore fashion, I admire the people who kept it simple and wore similar simple things for a long time, maybe styled in a clever way. [ Great Forbes article here Five Reasons To Wear The Same Thing Every Day ] I make an effort to limit my spending and consumerist behaviour, unless it implies a reason and of course, quality.

I travel a lot and carry many heavy, yet fragile, items on me. I also venture myself on streets and hills I’ve never been on before, in a limited space of time. And last but not least, working at sea puts a restriction on how many belongings I can have on me at any given time. This being said, my style is a result of all the above mentioned factors, and is best described as: practical.

I remember how, at university, a colleague was telling me off for wearing trainers with a winter coat. We were students in Falmouth at the time (2012-2015). If you don’t know the place, I can tell you now that most of the time it’s raining, Uber is not a thing and walking all day up and down on hills with heavy equipment was our routine. It was the place where you could easily care less how you dressed like, in favour of practicality, staying dry and cozy. Maybe that’s what I did.

Shortly after, Karl Lagerfeld introduced the Chanel Spring Summer line, with the models walking down the catwalk in pret a porter dresses and… trainers! That was the moment practicality, active wear and sportswear became popular and more present in our day to day outfit choices. I couldn’t have been happier.

I bought my Nikes almost 3 and a half years ago. Black and white. I didn’t think they would last as long but I knew I was going to wear them until they break, and I gave them enough reasons to break. The glue did fall apart at some point but it was a quick and discrete fix.

Besides knowing how much I wear them, by scrolling down my facebook/insta, I found plenty of proof.


This being said, I decided to style them up with a white blazer and shoot on my new ship, Queen Elizabeth, in the Yacht Club. Working in a 5 star environment implies wearing elegant uniforms and dressing up for Gala Evenings. Its is so rare for us to experience walking in trainers around the ship, which is why I decided to bring both of my worlds together. Art Deco and Nike? Why not?

Photos by Shavaune Grobler 


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