Last minute adventure


The night before I leave any given place, to travel to another, may it be work, holiday, or just a night spent somewhere, gets me somehow emotional. Nighttime is a magical period for my brain. No matter how much I wake up at 5/6am to go to the gym, I am not and will never be a morning person.


I’m a sucker for creative minds, the ones who can’t rest their brain at night from the amount of ideas they have, the productive conversations, the “Let’s do this” attitude. The night before I left to join my new ship, in France, my dearest creative minds ( Miss Casual & Paul) and I went for a shoot in Central London.


Christmas isn’t a very emotional time for me, mainly because it’s so rare that I get to spend it with my family. Christmas lights on the other hand, inspire me tremendously. London is wonderful at celebrating Christmas. The window displays and light installations are incredibly creative, using the latest technologies or the simplest means. It just works!


Walking with them, after midnight, in a empty yet cozy Central London, being creative and tricking ourselves to ignore the cold, was a wonderful way to part from them for another contract. This, obviously, after I trashed their apartment to film this vlog.


I love sharing my adventures in the cold with you, from a coffee shop in Lisbon, after a week spent in the Canaries.


Until next time,



Photo Credit: Paul Moldovan 

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