Cape Town Adventures



We are all different in our travelling preferences, but Cape Town seems to be a common sweet spot among avid travellers.

It has rapidly, probably instantly, become my favourite city in the world, for reasons I find hard to describe well enough for you to fully understand. Perhaps the video at the end of the post will shape it better.

Both of my short visits to Cape Town were via ship: 2018 Queen Mary 2 World Voyage and 2019 Queen Elizabeth, Cunard. They were both overnights, which seems imperative in such a memorable location, as well as having many many sea days prior to our arrival.

If you arrive via ships, be prepared for a crazy long immigration process. Our second visit was fast paced and truly efficient, which I’ll forever be grateful for. You don’t want to be stuck on the ship in Cape Town.



I’ll refrain from acting like a tour guide, but I’ll hint a few things you can do or some tips

Table Mountain is a must, clearly! However, it is important to keep an eye on the Tablecloth, the cloud that forms only at the top of the mountain. The cable car isn’t functional in cloudy and during high winds. If you have a few days in Cape Town, I wouldn’t leave going up the mountain for the last day. Funny enough, it’s advised that every time you go up, you should be prepared to walk down in case of bad weather. Not sure about you but I would have rolled downhill pretty well.

The most efficient way we found to get around was the hop on – hop off bus, the red line. It’s a beautiful scenic ride, perfect for a short stay. It takes you to Table Mountain bringing you down to Camps Bay and back to the waterfront. Most of this splendid drive is along the coast. You can just sit and relax, with the guided audio tour in your headphones, looking like you’re in a music video. Hah!


The Waterfront is beautiful but looking back, every street we walked on was captivating. Sometimes, there’s no better way to get to know a place than just walking around. You’ll enjoy these walks because the streets are filled with delightful music.

Another special place to me is Two Oceans Aquarium. I’ll prepare a different post and video on that particular experience. The work they do is outstanding and they are highly knowledgeable and very friendly.

Food is a must, clearly, but wine, oh….the wine! I don’t think it’s possible to have bad wine in South Africa.

I’m sure you’ll do your research before you arrive. However, it’s always good to stay safe and respect the culture. This sounds like a truly standard comment to make, but Cape Town is known for having some rough areas, like any other place does. Do your research, plan where you’ll be and enjoy this unique city for all it has to offer.

I’ll let you enjoy a quick video I made last time we were there. I don’t know about you, but the street music does things to me!



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