I’m Still Moving (Company)

How do you decide between travelling the world but working for someone else and opening your own company but being stuck-ish, for a while-ish, in a small city?

I never felt like a great employee and this statement has nothing to do with my performance as an employee. My respect for my employer and my work ethics were always on point, rushing to accumulate as much experience and knowledge as possible. Although I didn’t work for too many companies, I got bored easily and fast when my progression was put on hold.

This project is released as it is: a work in progress. The branding will be built in time, as I choose my clients and my team. Yes, I did say I’ll choose my clients.

So far, there’s my experience and the name. On that note, I’ll share why the company is named Still Moving.

  1. Still Moving – it means Photo Video : Still (images) Moving (Images). Long story short.
  2. Still Moving – I’m Still Moving – The decision to open this company in Romania came as a sequence of rather unfortunate (personal) events. It was my ambition to turn them into something good, a fresh start. So I’m Still Here and I’m Still Moving.
  3. Still Moving – the decision to put a hold on my travel life and return to my hometown wasn’t an easy one. I’m still adjusting but under no circumstance am I stuck here. It is in our DNA and timeline as humans to Still (be) Moving, whether we’re talking about our bodies, our development, our location or just moving forward in time.

What to expect from the company and myself:

  • High quality services
  • Strong work ethics
  • Relevant knowledge and experience with an international background
  • Highly dynamic and creative input
  • Modern approach
  • Strong communication and commitment
  • Efficiency and punctuality


Thank you for the warm welcome, support and trust!





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