86 Hours Fasting Experience


But… Why?!

Re-Calibration. It was the wish to choose food with my mind and not make decisions driven from food cravings. You can think of it as a spring clean for your body. It was my way of cutting dairy again from my diet. I’ve been quite emotionally lately and I wanted to cut the mentally assigned power given to food. It’s surprising how little and what kind of food we need to function properly, and how differently we actually prioritise and quantify food on a daily basis.


  • Use Zero app to track your time. It provides you with insightful scientific articles on fasting types, what breaks a fast, the effects on your body on an hourly basis and what to consume before and after fasting.
  • Prepare your body.  2 days prior to starting, I only had 1 meal per day. Because I do keto, the meals consisted of grilled meat and broccoli. If you’re not on keto and will put your body through such a shocking yet healthy process, it’s recommended not to overload on processed, sugary and high carbs food. During fasting, you’re body is in a state of ketosis, which is reached once your carbs intake is consumed. So why overload on carbs before fasting?
    • The preparation, in my case, also included making a choice not to go out, avoiding any cooking smells in the house, and working on my own pace.

I drank coffee and tea during the process (no sugar, no sweeter, no milk). But I tried not having coffee during a 36 hour window, because….I can’t really remember the last time I didn’t have coffee.

Day 1 was early and active. I haven’t gone to the gym in this period but day 1 was physically active at work. I functioned well, under the impression I will get home and eat.

Day 2 was a screen and camera detox for me. I spent a solid 9 hours without a phone, laptop, screen or camera in my hand and it was fantastic. I didn’t plan this but it came natural and it felt amazing. Exhausted from the previous day, I kinda spent day 2 in bed, allowing my body to recover and go through the process.


Day 3 was a working day for me, in front of the laptop. I felt as if i was moving in slow motion and slightly dizzy.


Day 4 The fasting ended at an unusual hour, at 4.30 which is the time I wake up to go to the gym.  I didn’t want to eat food before the gym but had to break the fast, so I chose protein powder. I only had proper food after 90 hours.

Yes, I felt hungry during the fast but it’s probably best to say I had more food cravings. I didn’t experience any discomfort in my stomach. I was very conscious I am doing something with purpose and intention, that it has health benefits so I didn’t consider stopping.

One surprising aspect is how much of our time revolves around food. Planning your meals, shopping, food prep, cooking, eating and recovering after eating. In this 86 hour window I somehow gained a lot of time.

During Fasting:

  • I drank coffee and tea
  • I took my vitamins
  • I experienced more cravings than hunger
  • Stayed hydrated
  • Got plenty of rest
  • Stayed at home

The first meal you have after fasting is very important. It would be a shame to cancel on the effects fasting had on your system or shock it with processed, sugary foods. Ideally I wanted to consume bone broth, but in Romania you don’t really find it packaged and ready to go on store shelves. I continued with keto, which is a fasting mimicking diet. If you want to make a decision for yourself, I recommend reading articles on the Zero app or watching episodes from Thomas DeLauer like this one . Right after fasting, even foods that are healthy aren’t necessarily recommended, so it’s worth a read.

Have I lost weight? Yes, of course, or at least my water retention and probably some muscle. I experienced a fluctuation of 4 kg but you don’t starve yourself like that to loose weight, but maybe to accelerate weight loss.

What was your longest fast?




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